Believe it or not, drivers making u-turns contribute to over 4,000 accidents a year throughout Florida. Unless there’s a posted sign, making a u-turn is permitted just about anywhere, so long as the turn can be completed safely and not interfere with the flow of traffic. Intersections that prohibit making u-turns aren’t there just to throw a navigational curveball, they are made that way for safety. South Florida drivers can also receive a u-turn ticket on the interstate by using a crossover that is for official use only. In Palm Beach and Broward county, u-turn tickets can end up costing over $250, and in Miami-Dade, fines of up to $125. In addition to fines, a u-turn ticket will add 3 points to your license, resulting in an increase in auto insurance rates. Before you go ahead and pay your u-turn ticket and take the points, speak with an expert traffic ticket attorney, who may be able to get your ticket reduced or dismissed.

As with all of our traffic ticket cases and clients, each u-turn ticket is closely scrutinized and ran through a series of checklists to determine the most viable defense. In our years spent in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade courtrooms helping clients handle traffic tickets, we’ve seen instances where an officer made errors writing the ticket, or where signage was obstructed, amongst other things that allowed us to motion for dismissal or plead to a lesser ticket. Having a traffic ticket lawyer from our firm provides you with the experience of over 2,000,000 traffic cases that we’ve handled for clients. If we take your case, you’ll be provided with a 100% Money Back Guarantee that we will get any points, convictions, or traffic school penalties dropped from your ticket.

Schedule a free consultation call with one of our expert traffic ticket defense attorneys, who will discuss your ticket with you and best advise on how we can help, whether it’s by challenging the u-turn ticket in court, or by putting together a plea to drop the ticket to a lesser one to reduce the chance of points. Within just a few short minutes, you’ll be much more knowledgeable about your ticket and what the next steps to handling the case effectively and efficiently.

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