Most clients that we speak to who recently received a “no turns ticket” all share the same sentiment. They say “what’s the big deal, I didn’t hurt anybody!” And while they are right, there are reasons that intersections and roads often limit the directions that vehicles can turn. In many instances where a no turns or no u-turn sign may be present, visibility of the road in both directions may be limited by a hill, curve, or buildings and cars. We also commonly see cases where a driver used a center turn lane to make a u-turn, except the center turn lane was headed in the opposite direction. If you’ve recently received a ticket for a no turns violation, schedule a free consultation call with one of our expert traffic ticket attorneys. We defend clients against these sort of tickets all the time, and have an incredibly high success rate in preventing points, convictions, and traffic school penalties.

Our team of traffic lawyers have defended clients in over 2,000,000 cases throughout Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade County. Many of these cases have included no turn sign tickets, and we proudly tout that 99% of our clients don’t end up with points on their license. Without having a lawyer to help with your ticket, it’s possible to get 2-3 points on your license and experience a hike in insurance rates. Simply paying off your no turn ticket is never a good idea, since doing this is an admittance of guilt that will result in points on your license, a conviction on your driving record, an increase in insurance rates, and potentially a license suspension.

During your free consultation call with our legal team, you’ll review your ticket with a lawyer, who will then determine how we can help. The defense attorney will appear at your hearing on your behalf, so you don’t need to worry about missing work or school. Our defense team’s expertise is challenging law enforcement reports and infractions to prove them beyond a reasonable doubt. Our goal is to always deliver the best possible result for our clients, and we always aim to deliver no points, no convictions, and no traffic school in each traffic ticket case.

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