There are a wide variety of traffic tickets that drivers in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties may receive from a law enforcement officer for a driving violation. To most drivers, a ticket is just a ticket, and it just needs to be paid off and it goes away. However, there are dozens of questions that should be answered first, such as “will your insurance rates increase” or “do you need to appear in court for the ticket”, or most importantly, “how do you get out of the ticket, or at least minimize its impact on your driving record.” Simply doing a Google search on these important traffic ticket-related questions will often leave you confused and with conflicting information on how to handle your case. 

A short consultation call with an expert traffic ticket defense attorney will leave you with answers to the questions you have about your traffic ticket, and give you a much better idea on how our team of lawyers can fight your ticket on your behalf. Our traffic ticket lawyers have fought over 2,000,000 traffic ticket cases in Florida, and regularly appear in courtrooms throughout Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, and Broward counties. 

Our attorneys have years of experience dealing with law enforcement, prosecutors and judges from Jupiter to Fort Lauderdale to Homestead and everywhere in between. Having the right legal team on your side as you fight a traffic ticket in Palm Beach, Miami Dade, or Broward county could mean the difference between points on your license and rising insurance premiums, and walking away with no points and a small fine. Schedule a consultation call with us today to find out more about your traffic tickets and how our team can help you fight them in court. With every traffic ticket case we take on, we offer a 100% Monday Back Guarantee if we are not able to remove any points, convictions, or traffic school that you would normally receive, and will ensure that you won’t need to miss work or school to attend a court hearing.

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