Flying down an open road, flooring it to pass a slow car, or cutting off a slow driver may all seem like things that just “happen” on Florida’s roads. In reality, these sort of actions, as well as a variety of other unsafe operations, are considered reckless driving and are a criminal offense in Florida. There are 3 levels of reckless driving tickets, with a first offense being considered a 2nd degree misdemeanor, a reckless driving offense that causes property damage as a 1st degree misdemeanor, and a reckless driving offense that causes bodily injury as a 3rd degree felony. Each level of this offense can potentially include jail time, probation, and significant fines. If you’ve recently been charged with reckless driving and other moving violations, it’s important to speak to an experienced legal team that can assist your case on the both the criminal charges and the traffic violation charges.

Defending a reckless driving case often hinges on the law enforcement officer’s description of the driving behavior they observed. Our defense lawyers will examine every aspect of your case, including testimonies and reports by the reporting officer to identify any inconsistencies or contradictions. Our goal when defending a client in a reckless driving case is dismissal of the charge, reduction of penalties, or pleading to a lesser charge. We aim to provide our client with the best possible outcome that the law permits.

Schedule a free consultation with our expert traffic lawyers today to discuss the circumstances of your reckless driving case. If your case also includes speeding tickets or other traffic violations, we may be able to help. Our lawyers will attend court on your behalf, ensuring that you don’t need to miss work or school to attend court for a traffic violation. Our clients are also provided with a 100% Money Back Guarantee that promises if we don’t deliver a “no points, no convictions, no traffic school” result, you’ll get your entire payment back.

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