If you’ve spent any time driving the highways and roads of South Florida, it should come as no surprise that speeding tickets are the most common type of traffic tickets written in the region. Across Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade county, over 700,000 speeding tickets are written each year, and that figure only continues to rise. In many cases, driver’s underestimate the severity of a speeding ticket, especially if it’s from going only a bit over the speed limit. A speeding ticket can cause severe headaches and issues with a driver’s license and insurance if not dealt with correctly. Anything from points on your license, increased auto insurance premiums, required traffic school, or even suspension of your license can be the result of a mishandled speeding ticket.

Points on your driver license and fines

Speeding tickets that our clients receive are issued in tiers depending on the speed that the driver was exceeding the speed limit. The lowest level speeding ticket can be issued for traveling just 0-5 MPH over the speed limit, while the top end of speeding tickets are issues for going 30 MPH or more over the limit. Each level of speeding ticket carries its own penalties, ranging from fines in the $125-200 range, all the way up to fines greater than $300, points on your license, and mandatory court appearances.

What can you do when getting a speeding ticket?

Recently received a speeding ticket and feeling overwhelmed on how to handle it? That’s where we come in. Schedule a free consultation call with our team of traffic ticket defense attorneys, and in a few short minutes, we’ll be able to answer all of your questions about your ticket and let you know if we’re able to help fight the ticket.

When we take on a traffic ticket client, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee that you’ll get no points, receive no traffic school, and have no convictions once we handle your case in court. Our expert lawyers will handle your court appearances, ensuring that you won’t need to miss work or school. Years of experience fighting speeding tickets throughout South Florida’s municipal and county courtrooms has afforded us with the knowledge and procedures that are required to get traffic tickets overturned or dismissed.

In any case of a speeding ticket, you should always consult with a lawyer who is well versed in traffic court and cases before paying the fine and accepting any additional penalties that may come with the ticket.

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